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= Directions

Z = A X = B

A = X S = Y

D = L C = R

 enter ↵  = Start

  space   = Select

F8 = Load state

F5 = Save state

Only while game is active!

This game is an Hidden Gem!

The return of ninjas in videogames is palpable ; games like Ninja Gaiden and Tenchu were ressurected and generated a lot of interest, at least in the first case with a sequel in the works for the Xbox 360. Ninjas are cool and violent (at least according to videogames). Hagane is even more. It is, approximately, the equivalent of Contra III: The Alien Wars with a kickass robot-samurai-ninja-destructor who must stop a demon from crushing the world, Japan first. You'll understand that one of Hagane's caracteristic is its import only aspect, which kinda explains why players do not come up with this name when they talk about the 16 megabits beast.

The sidescrolling gameplay is really fluid. In the first minutes, we notice the sheer beauty, the complexity of levels.


Hagane is an Action game, developed by CAProduction and published by Hudson, which was released in Japan in 1994.

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