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Z = 1 X = 2

 enter ↵  = Start

R = Reset


A coup d'etat in Cherigo gave birth to the political leadership of the Communist Party. The new President of Cherigo has already sent the ex-President, who is pro-Carmean, and the Carmean Embassy staff into a concentration camp. Now, it is your turn to go on stage! You have just landed all alone on Cherigo, parachuting down into the country. Can you help the hostages escape unhurt from Cherigo?

Game Development

Taito was faced with the very difficult decision of which direction to steer this project in. It could either take the veterinary-arcade simulator route with an emphasis on saving wolves, or create a game about one man with a gun taking on a coconut shy of angry soldiers while helping to liberate terrified hostages. Taito decided to roll with the latter option – the correct decision, we reckon. With the Master System’s chunky Light Phaser controlling your shooting and a second pad providing the trigger for your grenade attacks, playing the game while sitting on a tumble dryer – thus replicating the sensation of the arcade cab’s recoil – all made for a really great home conversion of this warfare classic. Quite possible the Master System’s finest arcade conversion.

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