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R = Reset


Journey with Mickey Mouse through spooky castle ruins, dark caverns, an enchanted forest and a toy shop gone crazy! Use your wits and Mickey's magic to evade challenging traps, explore secret passages, and restore peace and happiness to the Land of Illusion!

True Classic!

After their success with Castle of Illusion Sega came back with something even better! every element was improved music, graphics, and especially the gameplay, whilst Castle had fun platforming and some pretty nice puzzle elements Land goes to town in both areas with much more diverse and interesting level designs coupled with some very clever puzzles, the game is just full to the brim with ideas as apart from the aforementioned elements was a new upgrade element, now as Mickey progressed through the levels you'd pick up new abilities which were a lot of fun to use, especially the shrink and climb powers which also gave the game an element of replayability as you went back to previous levels to see what you'd missed.

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