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R = Reset


The world's favorite bad boy alien is back… on your Sega Master System! Its Alf! And he's got a mission… get to Mars to visit his friends Rhonda and Skip. The problem is, his space ship is broken. And the Alf-er is not about to grow wings. So it has to be fixed… and that's where you come in! Guide Alf as he searches for the things needed to fix his ship. Pearls snatched from the jaws of giant clams, space scooter fuel in the darkest caves, spacesuits, costumes and more! Succeed, and you'll send the Alf-er on his way to a happy reunion. Mess up, and the Alf-er stays stuck on Earth. Do you think you can do it? “NO PROBLEM!”

Angry Video Game Nerd Review!

Our beloved Angry Video Game Nerd has played ALF and here is his video if you need a shot of bravery to play ALF. If you like to play the worst games ever, we have many more crap.

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