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= Directions

Z = A X = B

 enter ↵  = Start

  space   = Select

F8 = Load state

F5 = Save state

Only while game is active!

This game is an Hidden Gem!

North & South is one of the rare strategy games that is both accessible and immediately fun. I loved the sense of humor and am impressed at how well they handled the real-time strategy aspects of the game. With some more depth, slightly better controls and a new coat of paint, I can see North & South being a popular online game for this new generation. Somebody should really get on that.


Chaaarge!!! The bugle is calling you to the battle field, and your troops are awaiting your orders. Demonstrate your brilliant strategy skills: move entire armies, surround the enemy, attack forts, intercept gold laden trains, and thus re-write the history of the American Civil War!

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