We are sorry but the game is no longer available.

The game and all related medias has been removed further to copyright infringement removal request made by Square Enix group.


Dragon Quest VI is a Role-Playing game, developed by Heart Beat and published by Enix Corporation, which was released in Japan in 1995.


Like the other Dragon Quest games in the series, the setting of Dragon Quest VI is very medieval, complete with castles, knights, and magic. The main world is divided into the “Real World” and “Dream World”, each with a separate, but similar map. To get from one world to the other, the party uses special warps (such as in wells), by ascending/descending stairs on the world map or falling through holes in the “Dream World” to the “Real World”. If something cannot be found in the “Real World”, it may appear in the “Dream World”, such as with Spiegelspire, at the middle of the game.


The scenario designer, as in all previous Dragon Quest games, was Yuji Horii. Similarly, the lead artist was Akira Toriyama.

English Translation

This game is a (hacked) English translation of the original Japanese version.

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