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The galaxy is in deep peril: foul creatures from the evil Bydo Empire have warped across space to invade and conquer our planet! There is only one hope for victory. The Earth Defense League has chosen you to pilot R-9, a nuclear-powered space fighter that can cut through invading aliens faster than a light saber through butter. Fly R-9 through 8 exciting levels of high-powered action. Use your plasma gun to rip through armies of nasty creatures and their deadly machines. And when the going gets really tough, pick up Droid Units to make your ship even harder hitting!

True Classic!

R-Type is one of the all time classic shooters, it was full of great new ideas ranging from the force pod, the bits (the things that float above your ship that you can crash into enemies) and the unique boss weaknesses, it also had an iconic art design inspired by H.R.Giger. R-Type was translated pretty well to the Master System, apart from the inevitable downgraded graphics and sound and the flickering it still retained the playability, which is the important thing really.

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