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= Directions

Z = A X = B

 enter ↵  = Start

  space   = Select

F8 = Load state

F5 = Save state

Only while game is active!


Thousands of history’s famous monsters gather for the meeting of the century. But their volcanic convention center erupts, mysteriously turning them into terrors of pint-size proportions. They escape to the home of Jack, the teenage “Captain of Cool.” There begins a battle between the good ghouls and The Warlock’s band of evil beasts. You must become The Vampire or The Monster and lead the forces of right through a humongous, human-size world six levels deep, featuring Jack’s house, a scummy sewer, a hazardous construction site, and an odd oriental palace. Don’t get burned on the kitchen stove or crushed by runaway golf balls. Meanwhile you’ll have to punch and zap at all your fiendishly favorite monsters including the head-rolling Skeleton, the rock candy throwing Goblin, the bone-crushing Cyclops, and dozens more! Every monster you mash is worth points. Score enough and you’ll get an extra life. Something you’ll really need when you finally face the powerful Warlock and his magic lightning jolts. So be a pocket-size peacemaker and conquer the smallest threat to monsterdom the world has ever known!


Based on the “Monster in my Pocket” Toy franchise from years back, this game follows the short, yet entertaining, story of “The Vampire” and “The Monster” (Which are, of course, knock offs of Count Dracula, And Frankensteins’s Monster) as they try and save their tiny reality from “Warlock”, who has sent out his minions to destroy the Tiny Twosome.


You choose between the two “Monsters” in the begining of the game, and like most other NES Games in this Genre, You can choose to play a 2 player mode. The only difference that this mode makes, is it edits the 2nd character into the begining and end of the game. The controls are the same as any basic 2D Side Scroller… Left, Right, Jump, Crouch, Attack(Which is a Punch-wave the goes just far enough to attack a progressing enemy). You must use these actions through 6 levels, where you must fight ghouls and other creatures, to get to the end of the level, to face the boss. The bosses are familiar enough, such as Medusa, And A Were-wolf like creature.

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