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= Directions

Z = A X = B C = C

A = X S = Y D = Z

 enter ↵  = Start

  space   = Mode

F8 = Load state

F5 = Save state

Only while game is active!


Pete Sampras Tennis is a Sports game, developed and published by Codemasters, which was released in 1994.


While Pete Sampras Tennis uses all three control pad buttons, the game play remains simple yet realistic, for its time. While serving, the A button sends the ball automatically, and B allows the player to control the ball speed and direction, and is the only way to score aces against the best players. During play, A lobs, B sends a normal shot and C, if pressed alone performs a top spin shot, if in conjunction with left or right on the D-Pad the player dives in that direction. It is also possible to aim the ball by pressing any direction on the D-Pad before there is contact between the racket and the ball.

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