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= Directions

Z = A X = B

 enter ↵  = Start

  space   = Select

F8 = Load state

F5 = Save state

Only while game is active!

Homebrew (hack)

This is Pokemon Brown 2014 remake of original Pokemon Brown hack made in 2004 by Koolboyman and built upon the Pokemon Red game.

Note: Pokemon Prism is a sequel of Pokemon Brown.


  • Ten cities in the region of Rijon, one in Johto, and over 20 routes to explore.
  • Pokedex is now up to 22X.
  • Over 40 new moves.
  • TM set has been changed a bit.
  • New types that weren’t in Red.
  • A wide range of characters.
  • A few new music track, including tunes from Johto.
  • New Pokemon will be compatible for trade with the second generation games and Prism once a special patch is applied.
  • A quest after you beat the Rijon League.
  • And much more!

For more details about this project, please visit:

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